There  are many different types of therapy/counselling available in Ireland today for a wide range of psychological problems. It can be daunting and confusing for the layperson to know which type of therapy to choose and which type of therapist to choose also.

It is now well established by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Health & Excellence) in the UK that certain forms of counselling such as Non-directive/Rogerian approaches are contra-indicated for PTSD/Trauma.

The Diagnostic Assessment Interview which I offer will help you to choose the most appropriate therapy for your particular psychological issue and, perhaps more importantly, avoid ineffective counselling approaches.

The Diagnostic Assessment Interview lasts about 1 hour and can be done online or in person at my office in central Dublin. This will involve going into details about your personal, family, social, career, relationship and medical history in order for me to arrive at a diagnosis/formulation of the issues which you are currently facing and then signposting you towards an appropriate type of therapy for that difficulty.